China is a priority in Brazil’s relationship, says Serra

Foreign Minister Jose Serra defended on Monday the Brazilian trade approach to China, Africa and Iran and lower Brazilian tax on exports.

Serra defined China as a “priority” and said it will create a specific area within the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (Apex) to deal with China.

“China shifts the demand curve for food up. We will give emphasis to it, “he said in a speech at the Global Business Forum”

Speaking to an audience of representatives of Brazilian agribusiness, he praised Brazilian agriculture, which accounts for 20% of GDP and 40% of exports. The minister said the sector businessmen that “no contradiction” between encouraging the sale abroad of agricultural products and diversify the export basket. For this, Serra argued that there is less export taxes. The lower incidence of taxes, he said, would have positive effects in the short term. “We need to reduce the Brazil cost,” he said.He did not specify, however, what changes could be these.

He also praised the productivity of Brazilian agribusiness, but said it is possible to reduce costs, especially through improvements in transport and storage.